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What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle vinyl wrap describes the automotive aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a custom designed and printed vinyl wrap or in the case of a colour change a pigmented cast vinyl.

You can select either a full wrap, which covers the entire vehicle, or a partial wrap which could be a ¾ or ½ wrap.  A high-quality vinyl wrap typically lasts three to five years.

Other terms used to refer to vehicle wrap are car wrap, paint wrap, colour change wrap, vehicle graphics, and paint protection film.

Are vehicle wraps effective?

When you think of marketing techniques, the use of vehicle graphics may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You may want to give car wrapping more consideration based on the following statistics:

  • According to ARD Ventures., “individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions,”
  • “Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,” says Perception Research.
  • “Messages on outdoor mobile billboards (vechile wrap) have a 97% recall rate,” RYP & Becker Group indicates.

Based on these metrics, it’s easy to see why small to medium business owners would want to consider choosing vehicle wraps over more traditional forms of advertising.

How much do car wraps cost?

The cost of vinyl wraps depends on the size of the vehicle you wish to cover. You can wrap cars of any size but pricing generally ranges from R10,000 to R25,000, which includes:

  • Vinyl graphics design
  • Printing services
  • Professional installation

Another thing to consider is the cost you’ll save on not having to repaint the vehicles in your fleet. Vinyl wraps are a cost-effective solution compared to the price of a new paint job. Vehicle wraps also provide paint protection for your car, truck, or van. The wraps give the vehicle a new look, while preserving the original paint job.

If you were to paint ads on your vehicle, you would be stuck with the same advertisement until you decided to repaint the car. However, with custom vehicle wraps, you can change ads as you wish. If you don’t want to have an advertisement on your car any longer, you can have a professional remove the wrap without causing any damage to the original paint.

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