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Having a strong business model, sound sales or service methods, and excellent expertise is all integral as the primary functions of a successful business, but these may all be for nothing if there is a lack of branding or signage. Signage is so vital to being a successful business because it allows you to market and advertise your products and services, and the business itself as a recognizable brand.

If you need to solve a visual communications challenge such as building brand awareness, increasing location “find-ability”, promote a product or service, help people find their way around a facility, host an event, communicate with employees, improve workflow, meet safety and compliance regulations, etc then you at the right place.

Graphic Design

Building signs are very often the first interaction a customer has with your business or brand. They increase visibility and create the first impression, and improve the visitor, customer and employee experience. Building signs are the visual communication for your brand, make sure they say the right things about your company and brand. Whether it’s a large company sign on top of headquarters, way-finding signs, nameplates or window signs, your message deserves to stand out,

Research has shown that the quality and condition of the exterior signage of a business has the power to attract customers and make a lasting impression. 

Signage 1

Outdoor signs are the calling cards for a business, use them to draw potential customers to your properties and let local residents know who occupies the site. Having impactful, eye-catching outdoor signs is a great place to start, they let potential customers know your business is ready to be of assistance. Professional outdoor signs provide the visibility you need to deliver your message quickly and within budget.

Outdoor signs from Get Your Brand On are manufactured from quality, durable materials to ensure a lasting installation.

Signage 2

Indoor signs can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your company, and what visitors, customers and employees experience.  Help your customers feel confident in your products and services.

Signs could be the most direct and effective tool to attract the attention of potential customers. Whether for aesthetic reasons, special promotions or company slogans, the right interior markers are useful to make the client feel more comfortable and closer to our product.

Worried about the expense of an update? Don’t be, the possibilities are endless as we offer a wide variety of indoor sign solutions. You would be amazed at what a few colourful and welcoming graphics can do to brighten up any space.


Graphic Design

Promotional signs are perfect for flexible and affordable marketing in any setting. Whether you need a lightweight roller banner, banner flag or wall, you’ll find just what you need at Get Your Brand On.

Whether you want to highlight an in-store promotion or draw attention to business, banners are perfect for large-scale marketing on a small-scale budget.

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