Automotive Masking Tape 48×40


Automotive masking tape. Single sided masking tape for simple and heavy jobs at room temperature. High tack and good adhesion. Remove within 24 hours.

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MSK 6143

Body shop masking tape
Masking tape suitable for car repair and painting. Compatible with most common paints and lacquers. Removable without breaking.Temperature resistance up to 80°C (30 min).

Tape: Single sided
Adhesive: Natural rubber
Backing: Saturated paper
Applications: Car refinishing and repairing



4 N/25mm
Color of the tape
Elongation to break
7.5 %
Recommended time of temperature resistance
30 minutes
Temperature resistance
80 °C
Tensile strength
85 N/25mm
Total thickness
0.12 mm
Weight of the backing
58 g/m²


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